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Our Saison couples fruity aromas with a North-American hop flavour and a drying finish.

Notre Saison marie des arômes fruités avec une saveur de houblon nord-américain et une finale sèche. 



% aBV – IBU 34



Straw-coloured and hazy


Fruity esters with spicy, yeast phenolics


North American hops, spicy, drying finish



Trouble et de couleur paille


Esters fruités, des phénoliques de levure et épicés


Houblon nord-américain, épicé, finale sèche

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Made exclusively with

Manitoban Spring Water

Naturally filtered through the rocky Canadian terrain, Manitoban spring water provides a rich mineral profile and a taste of home.


History of the saison

This style of beer was born in 1700’s, where it was designed to quench of the thirst of Belgium’s seasonal farm-workers known as “saisonniers”.

Farm Workers were entitled up to five litres each workday so the alcohol content was limited to roughly 3% ABV (alcohol by volume). Saisons were brewed during the winter and fall months to avoid the likelihood of spoiling due to bacteria.



Né dans les années 1700, ce style de cette bière a été conçu afin d’étancher la soif des fermiers belges connus sous le nom de «saisonniers».

Les travailleurs avaient droit jusqu'à cinq litres chaque jour de travail, donc la teneur en alcool était limitée à environ 3%. Les Saisons étaient brassées pendant les mois d'hiver et d'automne afin d'éviter la détérioration en raison des bactéries.


Online reviews from


“Fruity, strong. Mild malt. Very smooth finish. Very balanced interpretation. Well done!”

4.25/5 – Scott W. 


This is now the perfect high gravity saison. Great job Nonsuch!”

5/5 – Hunter R.

"Effervescente et légèrement houblonnée, un bel exemple d’une Saison contemporaine."

4/5 – J.B.


“It's not a traditional Saison but that's the beauty of the Belgian approach to brewing – the ability to deviate from the norm and give beer its own character. I hope you enjoy our Saison done my way.”

Mark Borowski – Head Brewer at nonsuch


The Perfect Drinking Experience


stay chill

Chill the bottle to 4º and let it sit overnight before serving (if you can wait that long). If the bottles are opened at room temperature they will produce excessive foam (and waste your beer.) Chilling your glassware is also recommended for an ideal drinking experience. Pop the cork slowly by keeping pressure on the cork as you pull it out.

perfect the pour

When pouring the bottle, tilt your chilled glass at a 45º+ angle and rest the bottle gently on the glass as you pour along its side – avoid letting it "glug". Expect a large, frothy head (which will subside shortly.) The beer will increase in flavour as it warms and don't worry, it won't go flat by the time it is ready to be consumed.

Enjoy with friends

Our Saison features an elevated ABV (alcohol by volume) of 8.4% and is meant to be enjoyed in modest servings of about 12oz (or 35 cL).

We personally enjoy the Saison best with friends and family – please enjoy responsibly.  



"Heads" up – some of our 2017 Saison bottles may feature elevated carbonation levels. Although this is by design it can lead to excessive foam and, worst case scenario, less beer for you. Thank you to everyone who brought this to our attention – more about this here


Additional Information

Please call our VP, Ben Myers at (204) NONSUCH or send a message to Ben@Nonsuch.Beer for additional information about our Saison.