Premium brands are perceived as superior in quality and often come with an elevated status.


Emotional Value

Our target audience wants their choice of beer to demonstrate their refined taste palette and convey the social status associated with it. They find value in brands that help them build their desired image.  











Whether it’s conversing with a patron in our taproom, replying to a message on social media, or creating marketing materials, we believe our choice of words impacts our desired perceptions. Here are some examples of words we believe help us when speaking on behalf of Nonsuch.


We're very excited about our new product.

instead of

You gotta try our new brew, it's freakin' sweet!


We aspire to deliver an exceptional experience.

instead of

We'll show y'all a goooood time.



Make time to enjoy your weekend with loved ones.

instead of

TGIF bitches! Get the gang together, it's time to party!



A new addition to the Nonsuch brewery.

instead of

omg you guys, looky here what just arrived in our brewery



How is everyone tonight?

instead of

Hey guys, what's up?



Have a great evening, thanks for coming by.

instead of

Take it easy, bud.



Thank you kindly, glad you enjoy it.

instead of

Wicked thanks dude!